Music fans demand Enzo, Holy Ten clash

Music fans demand Enzo, Holy Ten clash. Soon after the release of Makuitasey by Holy Ten, the social media platforms went crazy and most of the followers have already declared that Enzo Ishall’s come back will be a difficult task.

As the beef between Zim hip hop artiste Holy Ten and Zim dancehall chanter Enzo Ishall heightens, the former has exhibited his lyrical prowess as he dropped the track Makuitasei, winning the hearts of social media users.

The track Makuitasei has been widely described on social media by music fans as a lyrically violent track that has destroyed Enzo Ishall in the battle. In the song, Holy Ten ridiculed Enzo Ishall for failing to win the heart of a popular model Hillary Makaya whom he claims was lured by a fake prophet, and the audience are linking the prophet to the popular socialite and man of cloth, Prophet Passion Java.

Below are some of the lyrics from Makuitasei.

“…makanda chiraa pasipo… uya weChinese wake up Makaya makazodiiko, akanzi taimira break up, kune vane basa, bag ndooriri kunzi mambo tsano munowanza ngano tsano muchanzi nditengere ice-cream mukapinda chando tsano avo tsano tine mibvunzo yavo.

” ZvaHillary vakazitadza saka vakutamba naGuyo zvavo mmmmm mmmmm volume… “…atorerwa bhebhi nemuporofita wenhema…”

Lately, Enzo Ishall has been calling himself the King of Zim hip hop after releasing the track titled Hillary Makaya and Holy Ten replied with the track Violence which was directed to the chanter.

Then Makuitasei which has become the topic on social media as most music fans concur that Enzo Ishall has been thrashed with strong bars from the rapper.

The beef might lead to a clash as Holy Ten manager Edwards Nyamutsika hinted on the possibility of it to transpire.

Nyamutsika has revealed that they are still in talks for a possible clash between his artiste and Enzo Ishall. “We are in talks and it’s still under discussion, unfortunately we cannot reveal more about the clash now,” said Nyamutsika.

Source – H-Metro

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