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Olinda gives up and ends feud with Tatelicious



Stunner Olinda

Olinda gives up and ends feud with Tatelicious. The two’s social media fight was triggered by Tatelicious after she began spreading falsehoods about Olinda.

U.K based socialite and business lady Olinda Chapel-Nkomo has ended her feud with Tatelicous. Chapel has decided to walk away from Tatelicious’s drama. This follows after the latter broke into tears during a Facebook live session whilst Gurunduro bullied her.

Olinda took to her Facebook to write that she won’t be responding to any of Tatelicious’s silly rants. Chapel wrote:

I am very disappointed in myself today. I allowed myself to be dragged to the gutters. I gave explanations to people that I don’t owe explanations to. I have had numerous phone calls and texts from a tribe of women that spoke positivity into me and they reminded me of who I am.

They expressed how much they look up to me and somehow I feel I let them down. I am sorry I gave people the opportunity to bring me DOWN to their level instead of having high standards. The high standards mean they have to pull themselves UP to my level. I was reminded of how blessed I am. How I have a beautiful family, a husband that loves me deeply, and children that adore me.

How I am doing well in business and in empowering others. How I was recently nominated as one of the 50 most inspirational women in Zimbabwe. These women reminded me, That it is MY validation I should be seeking not anyone else’s. So from now on believe all the rumors. Those that have had the privilege of knowing me, KNOW me. SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE, catch me in my office tomorrow

Source – Facebook

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