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Polygamous man at loggerheads with his 10 sons


Polygamous man at loggerheads with his 10 sons. Matthias Nyakuwo’s dispute with his sons has since spilled to Mutare Civil Courts, with the father applying for a protection order against his sons. A Chiadzwa man is at loggerheads with his 10 sons who are accusing him of killing a person whose avenging spirit is now tormenting them.

The Nyakuwo brothers claimed that their father murdered someone in 2010, adding that the avenging spirit is now wreaking havoc in their family. One of Nyakuwo’s sons told Manica Post that want their father to come out clean on this issue so that they can appease the avenging spirit. He said:

We consulted a prophet at an apostolic church when a family member was sick and the spirit of the murdered villager manifested on the child demanding an audience with our father.

The spirit accused our father of being responsible for the person’s death. We tried to engage our father over the issue but he could not entertain us. Repeated efforts to find a lasting to this problem have been in vain and that is why our father applied for this protection order.

Mutare magistrate, Xavier Chipato, granted Nyakuwo the protection order against his sons Pearson, Brighton, Uebert, Takudzwa, Urayayi, Albert, Bright, Believe, Livingston and Justice when the matter was brought before him recently.

The protection order bars the 10 brothers from visiting Matthias’ homestead, harassing, assaulting, threatening and physically abusing him. The Nyakuwo brothers, however, defended their actions, accusing their father of trying to use the order to stop them from addressing the issue of the avenging spirit.

Source – Pindula News

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