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Sunny Yi Feng Tiles company in hot soup for inhumane treatment of workers

Sunny Yi Feng Tiles company in hot soup for inhumane treatment of workers. ZCTU posted on social media expressing concern and calling upon the Zimbabwean citizenry to resist such treatment even if t was being done on another citizen.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) the biggest workers’ union, has condemned the “inhumane” treatment of workers at a Chinese tiles company Sunny Yi Feng Tiles after a collapsed employee was transported by a forklift. Said the workers’ union:

No Zimbabwean should allow the inhumane treatment of a fellow Zimbabwean like we are witnessing (Sunny Yi Feng) @SunnyYiFeng_Ltd Look at an employee who collapsed being transported by a Fork Lift. This lack of care and ill-treatment of a human being like an animal must be denounced by all.

Zimbabweans are not xenophobic, we want to coexist with everyone. But we are supposed to be independent enjoying our human and workers rights at work. We must not be taken back to the degrading treatment we endured in the past during colonial rule.

Sunny Yi Feng Tiles which is based in Norton was previously in the news, again for the wrong reasons, after a Chinese national at the company reportedly assaulted Chief Chivero who had gone there to seek employment for his people.

Chief Chivero was reportedly left with a twisted arm after being beaten up by a Chinese national who has since been deported. There have been growing concerns over how Chinese-owned companies treat their workers in Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Another case that is being used as a reference to the ill-treatment of workers is the Gweru shooting incident in which a Chinese employer at Treden mine in Gweru shot his employees who had visited the company premises asking for their money.

One of the two employees who were shot, Kenneth Tachiona who was shot in both legs by Zhang Xuelin, a 41-year-old employer is now disabled.

Source – Pindula News

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