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Amanda Black on lack of service delivery in SA

Amanda Black has shared her thoughts on lack of service delivery in Mzansi following last week’s violent protests and looting. The award-winning singer suggested that the ANC-led government is captured. The star shared that President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government wants residents to think providing jobs and service delivery and eradicating poverty is hard. The songstress took to Twitter on Saturday, 17 July to share her thoughts on the volatile situation in the country. She believes that our government is captured.

Amanda Black

“But again, as usual, when it comes to black pain we will move on, ‘forgive and forget as they taught us, conditioned to believe this is normal. Poverty is still the enemy created by colonisation and racist apartheid, and now ignored and perpetuated by the captured government.

We salute you for standing up for black communities even when it is regarded as a crime to do so. Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless. Thank you for risking everything you have in protection of our people. Many are scared.

In other news – Actress Sonia Mbele joins DiepCity

Award winning actress Sonia Mbele is said to have joined Mzansi Magic’s DiepCity. The South African telenovela is hot and everyone in Mzansi loves the show.

Sonia Mbele

It is great news that one of the most talented Sonia Mbele will be part of the show. DiepCity tells the struggles of four young women who were forced into crime while in high school. Learn more

Source: New365

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