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Man burns fellow villager to death after catching him B0NKING his wife




Man burns fellow villager to death after catching him B0NKING his wife. Patrick Chitangarwe (34) of Yorkshire Plot in Headlands confronted Charles Mhaka (45) after seeing him talking to his wife, Viola Chinyadza (32), outside their house at night. As Chitangarwe pounced on Mhaka, Chinyadza immediately disappeared from the scene.

A Rusape man who suspected that his neighbour was having an affair with his wife fatally tortured him last week after forcing him onto a blazing hot stove, thereby burning his back and chest.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckson Chananda, confirmed the case and appealed to members of the public for information leading to the arrest of Chitangarwe as he is on the run after committing the crime.

Inspector Chananda said Chitangarwe dragged Mhaka into a kitchen hut where he assaulted him with a stick before burning him. “On July 8, Mhaka asked Chitangarwe’s wife, Chinyadza, to meet him outside. As the two were talking, Chitangarwe arrived home and saw them talking by the roadside.

“Chitangarwe confronted Mhaka and a misunderstanding ensued between the two. Chinyadza fled from the scene. Chitangarwe manhandled Mhaka and dragged him into his kitchen hut. He tied Mhaka with a rope and assaulted him,” said Inspector Chananda.

Chitangarwe allegedly pressed Mhaka’s back and chest on a hot fire stove. “He left Mhaka and went to call his friend, Admire Ngwende, to narrate what had transpired. Ngwende came to Chitangarwe’ house and found Mhaka still alive. The two friends interrogated Mhaka over his alleged affair with Chitangarwe’s wife but he denied it.

“The two left him and went to Chitangarwe’s father’s homestead to inform him about the incident. When they returned home, they found Mhaka dead. Chitangarwe informed Mhaka’s relatives and they made a police report. Chitangarwe fled and is on the run,” said Inspector Chananda.

He urged members of the public to resolve their disputes amicably. “We appeal to people to solve their disputes amicably and desist from using violence. “Those facing marital problems should seek counselling from trusted friends, close relatives and pastors. Human life must not be lost through avoidable situations,” said Inspector Chananda.

Source – MyZimbabwe

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