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Top MDC Alliance official arrested

Top MDC Alliance official arrested. Borrowdale resident and former MDC Alliance 2018 candidate for Mutare North, Godfrey Munyamana, has been accused of having been stealing electricity for years at his former residence after he allegedly bridged Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company (ZETDC) cables.

The court was taken to Munyamana’s former residence in Bookview, Borrowdale, for an inspection in loco and shown the bridged cables by Zesa electricians.

Zesa electrician Jawet Makuzha told magistrate Themba Kuwanda that the stolen electricity had been utilised for years as the meter at Munyamana’s house was not moving to show consumption. Makuzha had to open the Zesa meter box to show the court how the meter readers were by-passed. Munyamana’s defence also agreed that the electricity was being stolen.

State prosecutor Michael Reza told court that Munyamana might have hired an expert to bypass the meter reading, which apparently read 56,90KW for years. The matter was postponed to July 8 for continuation.

The matter came to light on November 17 last year after Munyamana sold the house to one Frank Humbe, who noticed the anomaly when he tried to buy electricity. He sought clarification from Zesa, whose electricians then noticed the theft.

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Source – MyZimbabwe

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