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White people looting with government’s blessings



Temba Mliswa

White people looting with government’s blessings. In a Twitter thread Tuesday, Mliswa said the looting is taking place, surprisingly, with the government’s blessing. He claimed the white-owned companies are given preference in the granting of treasury bills, singling out Bindura-based fertilizer manufacturing company, FSG.

Independent Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa, says white-owned companies in Zimbabwe are looting the country’s natural resources much more than those owned by indigenous people. Pindula News presents the thread.

How was corrupt, dishonest Mike Nunn, who had his platinum license cancelled by ZMDC due to corruption, be awarded USD60 million? Govt must appeal. They’ve the right to take it away. Why should they pay him? He’s corrupt.

Mike Nunn’s notorious reputation precedes him. A corrupt, white, South African who’s infamous even amongst the local white community. Govt you need to protect our interests, please.

Especially now that the British are slapping our own indigenous people with sanctions on the back of rumours and yet these whites are still being enriched at our expense. Even on the farms, I really don’t understand this. I think a motion needs to be moved in Parliament to expose all these white companies benefitting from this Govt and ZANU PF.

Let’s see if they’ll be put on sanctions. Who says they don’t help ZANU-PF?

Many of these white companies were given Treasury Bills by Govt. FSG, the fertiliser company has been given more money to supply inputs for the Presidential Inputs Scheme and has a 5-year contract to this effect and given TBs. Why aren’t they on the sanctions list?

There are many other white companies that have entered into such deals. Univern, Innscor the lot are engaging in questionable business practices, some of which are suspected to be pushing up the forex rates etc and yet they are not put on sanctions, why?

They all wine and dine with and sponsor ZANU-PF and yet are allowed to continue without the fear of being slapped with sanctions. Those imposing sanctions should wait for the Public Accounts Committee’s report to be released which will highlight a lot.

The selective application of imposing sanctions is how the element of racism & discrimination is suspected as evidence is available to question the motives. It’s not about targeting 1 person, if sanctions are to be applied, let the policy be consistent & applied across the board

These white companies are in partnerships with ZANU-PF and support and sponsor them, why are they being left out? The Auditor General’s report is very clear in exposing this.

During the time when Biti Chaired the Public Accounts Committee, it was revealed that Univern were tainted. Tendai Biti you know this and have onus to assist in advising the Americans and British the truth, if they’re unaware.

These are findings you Tendai Biti presided over and have full knowledge of the extent of the corruption in these white-owned companies. What’s the basis of being placed on sanctions? It shouldn’t be on rumour mongering or hearsay.

Source – Pindula News

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