Another priest caught up in a cheating scandal

Another priest caught up in a cheating scandal. Their unholy alliance came to light after Mwandirozva’s boyfriend Farai Hokoyo discovered love messages describing how the man of cloth enjoyed the forbidden fruit.

A senior church priest is reported to have been s.e.xually abusing a female student promising her employment. Rev Edmond Zambe Samutereko of Anglican Church Diocese of Manicaland stands accused of bedding Maria Chasiyeni Mwandirozva of Palmerstone in Mutare during her time on attachment.

Hokoyo, who intended to marry Mwandirozva, expressed his anger by lodging a formal complaint attached with his evidence to church authorities. “My name is Mr Farai Hokoyo. I’m lodging this case against Rev Samutereko of Anglican Church Diocese of Manicaland.

Rev Edmond Zambe Samutereko

” I am the man who intends to marry Maria Chasiyeni Mwandirozva who resides at 29 Jongwe street, Palmerston in Mutare. “She was on attachment at the above-mentioned diocesan office (accounts department) since last year (2020) upto the 30th of June 2021 when it elapsed.

“On Sunday the 1st of August 2021 in the afternoon, Reverend Father Samutereko called my fiancee asking her to accompany him to his residential stand in Penhalonga and she complied to his request trusting the shepherd.

“They got there, and inside the house, he ordered Maria to scratch his back by having s.e.x with him in return for the job.

“The helpless Maria couldn’t resist,” read part of the complaint. Hokoyo said on the following day, Mwandirozva visited him in Chiredzi where he resides. “We had to plan for our Heroes Holiday which we had scheduled for marriage introductions at my rural home.

“That was when I discovered WhatsApp messages concerning the s.e.xual abuse she endured. “Upon asking my fiancee, she said she was proposed by the Rev Samutereko and denied his proposal in the past.

WhatsApp Chat

“On several occasions he used to give her favours on organisational errands (business travels). When he visited other Anglican projects such as where piggery is done, he would give her a kilogram of pork proposing love which he could not get until the fateful day of 1 August when he cornered her at his Penhalonga homestead.

“So I’m raising this issue to your highest office as the Church to duly deal with these evil, demonic and satanic deeds of Rev Samutereko. “I am seeking justice, intervention, as well as possible hefty punishment to him in any way possible. “The bundle of evidenced is attached thereto,” reads Hokoyo’s complaint.

Manicaland Anglican Diocese bishop Erick confirmed receiving the complaint saying investigations have since begun. “We received the report and my team are investigating the matter,” said Rt Rev Ruwona.Farai Hokoyo

Rev Samutereko could neither confirm nor deny the allegations referring H-Metro to the church spokesperson Ashel Mutungura. Mutungura could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.

Source – H-Metro

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