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Defence Minister: Heroes’ Day unites nation

Defence Minister: Heroes’ Day unites the nation. Today Zimbabweans celebrate Heroes Day, with the Second Republic introducing another first as civilians and civil servants will also be honoured for their heroic roles in the promotion of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans must never forget the great sacrifices made by the country’s liberators who laid a firm foundation for peace and development in the nation, major political parties have said.

The Heroes Day celebrations come at a time when Zimbabweans from diverse political backgrounds have found each other thanks to President Mnangagwa’s re-engagement and engagement policies.

In an interview, Zanu PF National Chairman Cde Oppah Muchinguri- Kashiri said as the country celebrates Heroes Day it is comforting that one of the living heroes, President Mnangagwa, is steering the ship in the right direction.

“Zanu PF joins His Excellency, The President and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde ED Mnangagwa and the People of Zimbabwe in celebrating the Heroes Day, a day on which the nation reflects on the historic, gallant, and heroic sacrifices by our loyal sons and daughters who braved and fought with valour for the liberation of our motherland – Zimbabwe.

“On this day, we reflect on the arduous and agonisingly painful journey travelled by our Founding Fathers and Mothers in bringing about the fall of the racist colonial system.

“The party salutes the giant steps taken by President Cde ED Mnangagwa and the Second Republic to recognise heroes and heroines of both the First and Second Chimurenga/Umvukhela through the erection of their statues, naming of buildings and roads after them as well as profiling their sacrifices.

On the occasion of the 2020 Heroes Day Anniversary, President ED Mnangagwa announced that Government was going to mount statues of our heroes and heroines, starting with Mbuya Nehanda. Zanu PF is happy that the promise was fulfilled in less than a year and is hopeful that Government will expedite the mounting of remaining statues for other heroes and heroines,” said Cde Muchiguri-Kashiri.

Spokesperson of the MDC, the biggest opposition in Parliament, Mr Witness Dube, was also positive on the heritage from the heroes. He said Zimbabweans should use the day to reflect on the sacrifices that were made by the country’s heroes.

“Our only wish is that the Zimbabwean people must find one another and dialogue to extricate ourselves from the economic challenges. The efforts of our fallen heroes to liberate us must not be in vain,” said Mr Damba.

The political parties called for unity of purpose among Zimbabweans as only through a shared vision can the nation develop.

National Constitutional Assembly spokesperson Mr Madock Chivasa said Zimbabweans, regardless of political affiliation, must take a bow for the sacrifices made by the country’s liberators.

“Heroes Day means a time we dedicate to honour the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who sacrificed their lives to fight the evil and racist colonial minority rule. We call upon Zimbabweans from all walks of life to always remember that we are independent as a result of the sacrifices that were made by all those who participated in the liberation struggle.”

Zimbabwe attained its independence in 1980 after a protracted struggle that claimed thousands of lives. It is on the shoulders of the country’s liberators that today the country enjoys the fruits of its hard won independence and attendant liberties.

Leader of the Nationalists Alliance Party Mr Divine Hove said Heroes’ Day commemorations signify a defeat of imperialism and the Western colonial system.

“Heroes Day is a significant day for our country and Africa in general because it signifies the liberation of the African continent for the black people. It defines the celebrations of the defeat and fall of colonialism and all forms of discrimination against the black people by the whites, so it is a very significant day in the history of all Zimbabweans.

“Heroes Day is also an opportunity for us to ponder on the bravery that these men and women demonstrated because this was a life and death situation. It also allows us to reflect on the cost of liberation which is immeasurable. The commemorations should be a reference point for our unity, for our common desire to succeed as a nation, and our desire to grow as a nation,” said Mr Hove.

He said the day was also an important moment for Zimbabweans to reflect on the ethos, the cause, the promises and aspirations of the liberation struggle.

“It is an opportunity for us to think and ask ourselves deep questions to say are we achieving that which we fought for as a country, are we in the right direction, what are the challenges that we are facing. It is also a time to think deep about matters of corruption.

“We should always be guided by the vision and aspirations of our liberators both the dead and the living,” he said.

Spokesperson of the Political Actors Dialogue platform Mr Nesbert Mutengezanwa said as the nation remembers its heroes, baneful sanctions should be removed unconditionally as they are hurting the country’s economic progress towards Vision 2030, to be an upper middle-class economy.

“We are all Zimbabwean, let’s commemorate the great sacrifices made by the gallant fighters. Zimbabweans must be patriotic. We need to call for the removal of sanctions with one voice. Sanctions are hindering the speedy recovery of the country’s economy.”

President of the New Patriotic Front Mr Welcome Shumba said Heroes Day unites Zimbabweans in their diversity.

“Today we are enjoying peace, political stability and economic growth as a result of their sacrifice. I urge Zimbabweans to put political differences aside, cultural differences aside regional and tribal differences aside and celebrate as a united nation remembering our courageous heroes and heroines.

This is the day those who are remote-controlled by the West should be ashamed and join the train of victors,” said Mr Shumba. The country’s Heroes Day celebrations come at a time when the country is enjoying unprecedented economic growth with the peace a puller for investors.

Source – The Herald

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