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ED’s spokesperson George Charamba Backstabbed Mugabe


ED’s spokesperson George Charamba Backstabbed Mugabe. Let me do a short thread about George Charamba aka @Jamwanda2. It is sad that we have to waste time on maggots like him rather than getting directly to the rotten carcass, but at times it is necessary to clear away the pus before treating the putrid sore.

A political commentator using the Twitter handle @MJairosi says Presidential spokesperson George Charamba was working for the military for several years before the late former president Robert Mugabe was overthrown in November 2017. Below is his Twitter thread:

In 2008, when Robert Mugabe lost the elections to Morgan Tsvangirai, a meeting was convened by the military junta in which they agreed to reverse the outcome. At that time, Mugabe had indicated that he was going to concede defeat but @edmnangagwa rejected the idea. Mugabe was convinced that his intention to concede defeat was not in the best interest of Zanu PF & that it was tantamount to betraying the revolutionary party. Eventually, he agreed to stay. However, the military junta was already infuriated by Mugabe’s initial intentions.

After the rerun, the junta started working together with @edmnangagwa to remove Mugabe. This is where George Charamba was recruited. George would provide information about Mugabe to the junta. Like a sellout would do Charamba, continued to pretend as if everything was ok.

Charamba knew what was going on but Mugabe did not know what was going on neither did Grace. Grace haana neremuromo na George. I don’t think she will ever forgive him. The first attempt to remove Mugabe was deliberated before the 2013 elections. They wanted him out.

However, there was a stumbling block & it was Solomon Mujuru, who they thought was also sympathetic to Morgan Tsvangirai. They wanted him eliminated, before the elections which were coming in 2013. In 2011, two years before the elections, they brutally eliminated Mujuru.

There was a heated debate after Mujuru’s demise with some arguing that it would look obvious that they checkmated Mujuru if they removed Mugabe from office before 2013, so they decided to go with Mugabe as the presidential candidate.

Fast forward to months before the 2018 elections, by this time the military junta, working with George Charamba, had resolved to remove Mugabe. At that time Charamba had hoodwinked the public that he would soon retire.

As someone who was at the centre of the plot to remove Mugabe, George Charamba hinted at the public when he said “Chine vene vacho chinhu ichi (this country belongs to certain people) and you won’t be there when great questions of the day are settled mumatare avo“.

George never warned the man he had worked with for many years. It was one of the greatest betrayals a man as ever plotted against his boss. He wanted Mugabe humiliated & indeed he has been humiliated. Grace Mugabe haana neremuromo kani.

George Charamba is a backstabber who belongs to that genre of Zimbabweans who empty their little minds at the least opportunity & feel they have all the solutions without even a fundamental understanding of the complexity of our situation. One day it will come back to him.

Source – Pindula News

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