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Man caught red-handed with neighbor’s wife




Man caught red-handed with neighbor’s wife, hacked with a machete. David Benedict, who was rushed to Bindura Hospital for treatment, was hacked with a machete around 9pm on the fateful day. He was tied on the bed and severely assaulted while n@ked by Biggy Lifa for bedding his second wife Abigail Maketi, 41.

A 55-year-old Bindura farmer was recently given a thorough hiding after being caught between the sheets with a neighbour’s wife. The incident took place at Nyakurwa Village under Chief Musana. Benedict sustained deep cuts on his forehead, left shoulder and left leg. Benedict denied bedding Maketi arguing that he had been invited to collect his balance by the latter for cultivating her field sometime in February this year.

“Lifa has two wives and their houses are far from each other and the second wife is the one close to my place,” said Benedict writhing in pain. “His second wife had been seducing me for some time; admiring my wealth since I am a hard working farmer in this area.

“Ndingadai ndakapedza naye kare nekuti aisiuya madeko ndichivhara mombe dzangu osvika achiti muzouya kumba pane kabasa kandinoda kukupai. “Mafambiro aaizoita nekapfekero zvaive zvekundisvosva mwoyo asi ndakafuratira.

“On the day in question she came and asked me to come home in the evening to collect my US$15 she was yet to pay for cultivating her field.

“She had been asking me to visit her so that she would pay it in kind but I refused since February when I cultivated her field. “I lost my mother so I was left broke and I agreed to visit her house that night since she had promised me she had the money.

“Ndichingosvika chete akanditambira nemufaro akazarura door ndikapinda. “Within some minutes her husband arrived in the company of his elder son with the other wife armed with a machete.

“The door was not locked and Lifa attacked me with a machete, tied me on his bed and the two assaulted me while my blood gushed out. “I want to thank our kraal head and other villagers who suddenly appeared and rescued me otherwise I could have died,” said Benedict.

He questioned why police officers at Nyava base failed to arrest Lifa and the latter for not divorcing Maketi over her confession that they had been cheating for the past four years.

“Chirikundinetsa ndechekuti mukadzi uyu akaudza murume wake kuti takadanana makore mana asi haana kumuramba.

“Vaviri ava vakandirongera kuti vawane nzira yekutora mombe dzangu sezvo ndirimurimi mukuru. “Police is silent about the case and they are yet to arrest Lifa who works at Shamva Mine,” said Benedict.

Lifa refused to give his side of the story referring questions to Benedict and Maketi. “I heard that you came to my house and my wife ran away from you,” said Lifa. “There was a case of adultery but my wife and Benedict are the ones who can give you correct facts,” he said before hanging the call.

Maketi refused to entertain H-Metro and took to her heels into a nearby hill named Nyambe where she spent the better part of the day on Friday. “I do not want to see you that is why I left the house upon hearing about your arrival in the village,” said Maketi.

“I will return home around midnight,” she said before hanging the call. Benedict’s wife Webintah Kangederere, 48, told. H-Metro that the incident took place four days after the death of her mother in-law and her mother was at home.

“My husband is experiencing sleepless nights because of pain and I thank our kraal head for saving his life,” said Kangederere.

“It was unfortunate that the issue happened soon after burying my mother in-law and my mother is still here and has to hear such stories. “We had bought eight bags of fertiliser but they were all taken by the motorist we hired to take him to Bindura Hospital.

“His injuries will see him failing to return to the fields, when he is the bread winner since I am not physically fit to carry out any work,” said Kangederere pleading with police to take action against the perpetrators.

Villagers had no kind words for both men, accusing Benedict of bedding married women and girls taking advantage of his wealth. “Lifa akatadza pakuda kuuraya apa asi Benedict. wacho haabviri anemuchiwuno munovava zvekutora vakadzi vevamwe uye vasikana,” said one villager.

Source – Zimetro

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