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Xenophobic campaign launched against newly elected Zimbabwean Mayor of Joburg

Xenophobic campaign launched against newly elected Zimbabwean Mayor of Joburg. Some sections of South African Twitter Community have launched a xenophobic social media campaign against the newly elected Mayor of Johannesburg Jolidee Matongo.

The campaign is being run under the hashtag #WeRejectMayorOfJHB.

Matongo, the son of a migrant from Zimbabwe, has been elected unopposed as new executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg, the metro announced on Tuesday after 269 councillors in the metro did not submit any other names and as per the Municipal Structures Act, in the case that there was only one nominee, that person automatically assumed the position.

One user by the moniker @lucangolwamacoz said: The only change he will bring is to make sure that illegal Zimbabweans get SA identities. As we speak his cousins kids are occupying all public schools. He must voetsek.

Another @Shokwakhe16 said: Call me ignorant, self hating, xenophobic I don’t care but I will not keep quite when I see a Zimbabwean in charge of my city. There is no South African who is a mayor anywhere.

A JeffDumisani says: #WeRejectMayorOfJHB #PutSouthAfricans. First, Zimbabweans are enjoying our benefits, while Robert Mugabe kicked out South African during apartheid he said go fight for your own country. Wake up south Africans izwe lomkhulu liyahamba silele thina.

Source – Bulawayo24

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Emotional picture of Gumbura’s wives at his burial. THE late Robert Martin Gumbura, who passed away at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison hospital on Saturday, was buried yesterday and her wives were present and it was all emotional scenes as the cleric man was laid to rest.

Gumbura Wives

His death news was announced by journalist Hopewell Chin’ono on his Twitter account. Check the pictures and the news below…Learn More.

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