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Zimbabwe actress shines in Dubai

Joey Nyikadzino

Zimbabwe actress Joey Nyikadzino shines in Dubai. Joey, who first quit teaching for beauty therapy before venturing into acting, is also the CEO of the Single Mothers Club (SMC), a social media movement with various chapters across the globe.

Multi-tasking actress and beautician, Joey Nyikadzino, feels humbled after being invited to Dubai for a leadership and entrepreneurship course. Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, the outspoken actress said she arrived in Dubai on August 21 for the course running until September 6.

She also gave an interview to Aldafra TV Dubai where she vowed to fight for the rights of singles mothers across the globe using her influence. “As a beautician and actress, I have numerous obligations and tasks to deliver to my fellow human beings.

“Firstly I am a liberal feminist who is advancing the idea of women empowerment. “I believe in women emancipation. I advocate for a society in which women are no longer just subordinates but also masters of their own destiny.


“By this I mean women being entrepreneurs, women being business owners and eradicating poverty,” said Joey who has been championing empowerment programmes such as business consultancy, farming among others.

Joey, who has acquired a lot of skills during her stint in Dubai, has vowed to lobby relevant authorities when she returns home. “So far we are still in the process of knocking doors to our responsible Ministry of Women and Empowerment.

“I believe very soon we can have some fruitful conversation with the minister and hopefully we can get assisted in some of our projects which are in need of urgent attention,” she said.

The child rights defender added that they have a lot in store for single mothers. “My long term plans are to establish training centres meant for women empowerment.


“Women have many skills and talents but most of them lack training. It is for this reason that l desire to establish a training centre meant to train women skills like baking, hairdressing, beauty courses, farming to mention but a few.

“Also I want every woman have their own businesses, houses, afford good schools for their kids and be heard in societies,” she said. Joey who is a known go-getter assured her membership world over that there is need to forget alliance with Government among other stakeholders.

“I call on Government and various stakeholders to help us make this idea bear fruits. Some of the resources which can enable us to function very well are controlled by the government.

“So we plead for allocation of agriculture land, mining claims for the women, business loans to women. And obviously economic reforms which promote women empowerment.” Asked how she got the invitation to participate in Dubai, she explained:

Joey and Shinsoman

“Yes l did enrol in some short leadership and management courses way back. Also l am staunch follower of Robert Kiyosaki financial education teachings. I also read a lot of entrepreneurship books from other prominent authors that where I get most of my knowledge.

“The first thing when I wake up in the morning is to thank God for blessing me and ensuring that l wake up alive and also to read my diary and see what activities to pursue during the day.”

Back home, Joey is an actress with Estate Blues showing on ZBC TV, she is also an H-Metro columnist for the Beauty Bucket Column, a hair salon owner in Harare as well as talent scout.

She has been empowering less privileged girls with motivational speeches and mentorship programmes.

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