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Baba Tencen resurfaces



Baba Tencen

Baba Tencen resurfaces. The Chivi bred entertainer, who rose to prominence through his “Kuripwa Kugara” skits, has been given a lifeline by a fellow Zimbabwean singer and IT expert Claud Rabson aka DJ Rabaaz after roping him in his musical video.

South Africa-based entertainer Baba Tencen’s appeal might have taken a wane but he still remains huge across the Limpopo. Titled Mwari Verudo, DJ Rabaaz who served Noel Zembe, the late John Chibadura and Franco Hodobo as a drummer back home, said he was touched by Baba Tencen’s fall from grace.

And in his quest to save Baba Tencen from the celebrity cemetery, DJ Rabaaz roped him as a protagonist in his latest gospel video Mwari Verudo featuring another Zimbabwean entertainer, Nashe Ayret.

Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle from his base across the Limpopo, DJ Rabaaz confirmed his ‘bromance’ with Baba Tencen.

“It was the idea of videographer Dumisani Mafanise of Dumarts Films to feature Baba Tencen on the video just to spruce up the new sound. “Already Baba Tencen has endorsed the new sound that unifies Zimbabwe and SA music,” he said.

Asked whether Baba Tencern still has the mojo to appeal to fans on the either side of the Limpopo, DJ Rabaaz said: “Baba Tencen is someone who has already made a name for himself with his iconic smile and is not backing down from comedy anytime soon, even with the prevalence of other new comedians.

“In fact, Baba Tencen’s followers must expect a big comeback from the comedian after I found him busy with video-shooting of his upcoming short drama series and various skits on drug awareness, sexual abuse and Covid-19 just to name some but a few.

“Baba Tencen says he is currently resuscitating his Kuripwa Kugara Broadcast TV social media channels.” Despite being outspoken on his skits, DJ Rabaaz said Baba Tencern was a humble man.

“I find Baba Tencen, a very humble and a supportive person to other artistes. When he is on duty, he leaves behind any personal issues bothering him but wears his comedian face, with the trademark smile,” he said. Meanwhile, DJ Rabaaz said he has invented a new genre dubbed Mbirano, a fusion of Mbira and piano on his new song Titled Mwari Verudo.

“The new sound ‘Mbirano’ is a fusion of Zimbabwe traditional mbira plus mapiano vibes rocking South Africa at the moment and is being pioneered by myself, DJ Rabaaz Music.

“I find it a pleasure coming up with something new into the market, which I believe can also appeal to the local audience in South Africa.

“Initially, I created the sound for my 10-year daughter Shalom, who has great passion for music but I ended up adding it to my new 2021 Minana gospel album so that I can officially test the reception from the market.

“The final mbirano track was mixed and produced at King Solo Steel Studios or King Solo finally mixed and produced the Mbirano track,” he said. The Chitungwiza bred singer said he was also pleased by the response of his new sound.

“So far the new sound has been well received from close fellow musicians and producers and we are yet to hear the response from the public once we release the video next week Friday the 24th of September.

“It’s good to move with internationally trending sounds like Hip-Hop, etc but I feel we must preserve our own Traditional instrument and sound from Mbira, which makes us unique in the World.

“When you fuse different sounds, as in genetic modifications in plants or cross-breeding in animals, you are assured of something new on the market, which off course will get approval or disapproval but the experience is good,” he added.

DJ Rabaaz, who has settled well in South Africa, played drums for a number of artistes back home and the sub-region.

These comprise Zembe, Mozambican duo of Theresa and Awendile of the Asante Sana fame, King Isaac, Bulk Spirits, the late Pax Matenga and Franco Hodobo. He turned down some offers from big bands at that time like the late Ephat Mujuru and John Chibadura as they wanted a full time drummer in their musical ranks.

Source – H-Metro

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