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Tinashe Mugabe’s DNA show lands him in hot soup: Video



Tinashe Mugabe’s DNA show lands him in hot soup: Video. Contrary to social media comments that The Closure DNA show by Radio and Television personality Tinashe Mugabe has destroyed a lot of families, Mugabe maintains the notion that the show is here for ‘good not bad”.

The Clouser DNA show has been trending on social media for the past weeks as most women have been exposed for paternity fraud.

Global DNA founder and Closure DNA show presenter, Tinashe Mugabe, has been exposed by an international News channel for releasing fake DNA results that have ruined the life of a young woman. Mugabe a former Star FM radio presenter said his main aim is to expand the issues into parts of Africa where the phenomenon of DNA testing has not been fully accepted.

In a video posted on YouTube, Abigail Prangs is revealed to have traveled halfway across the world after she was given DNA results by Mugabe that identified her alleged biological mother.

However, follow up tests revealed that the alleged mother was not Abigail ‘s mother.  Mugabe appeared at the hotel of the Sunday Night Show journalists with police and drove them to the Harare central police station where they were accused of attempting to kidnap Mugabe.

Watch video below

Source – MbareTimes

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