Home Crime and Courts Horror as woman locks 10 year-old disabled child inside house daily

Horror as woman locks 10 year-old disabled child inside house daily

Donnettela Mushayi Matende

Horror as woman locks 10 year-old disabled child inside house daily. Donnettela Mushayi Matende is unable to walk and talk but can crawl from one point to the other and sits well. Her mother Caroline Euphrasiah Mushayi separated with the girl’s father Godfrey Matende over the disability when the latter denied paternity of the child at the age of 11 months.

A 10-year-old girl living with disability is left locked up in the house in Chirunga village under chief Negomo. Caroline got married to another man following the separation leaving Donnettela under the care of Caroline’s aunt Yemurayi Uzande, 45. Uzande’s ill-treatment of Donnettela is awash on social media with many suggesting the removal of the minor from her custody.

When H-Metro visited Chirunga village, Donnettela was under the watch of a 16-year-old girl Millicent Chirunga while Uzande was attending a memorial service. Uzande told H-Metro that living with Donnettela has been a challenge since she is failing to find a better paying job together with her husband.

“This girl was born with good health before difficulties in walking developed at the age of three,” said Uzande. “Mwana uyu muzukuru mwana wemwana wasisi vangu vakashaika saka ndini ndiri kumuchengeta. “Her mother got married to another man after separating with the father over the disability.

“Her father denied paternity arguing that could not have fathered a disabled child was not his. “Ndikabuda ndinomusiya ndakamuvharira mumba pamwe pacho ndinowana azviitira tsvina saka ndinokumbirawo mapampers.

“The challenge is big considering my husband relies on brick moulding and earns very little. “We used to take her to Howard Mission Hospital for exercises but financial challenges stopped us,” said Uzande.

Donnettela’s mother Caroline told H-Metro over the phone that she last saw her daughter two years ago. “I am in living in Norton after I got married to another man following my separation with Donnettela’s father,” said Caroline.

“I lost my second husband last year and I’m left with three children. “I am struggling to make ends meet. “I last saw Donnettela two years ago and I do not see myself visiting her anytime soon due to financial problems.

“Her father disowned her and I had to acquire a birth certificate excluding his name. “He only accepted the firstborn and this one was rejected due to her condition,” said Caroline.

Meanwhile, the 16-year-old girl who was looking after Donnettela when this publication visited the village failed to resume her Form Two studies at the reopening of schools due to financial challenges. She said she hopes to continue with her education if funds permit.

Source – Zimetro

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