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Lockdown review: Gyms and health spas now open to vaccinated people




Lockdown review: Gyms and health spas now open to vaccinated people. Gyms and health spas can now open to the vaccinated public. Staff must also be vaccinated. This was revealed by the Cabinet in their latest meeting as the government seeks to relax some of the level 4 Lockdown regulations. Cabinet resolved and wishes to inform the Nation that:

*there is nolonger need to quarantine Travellers from countries afflicted with the variant,such as India.
*Cinemas & theartes can allow 50%sitting capacity of vaccinated clients.
*Arts galleries to open
*Resumption of sporting activities with strict adherence to Covid-19 regulations and attendant staff also be vaccinated
*All local activities in which participants are below 14they shall in all cases be checked for Covid-19 symptoms and to follow protocols
*atheletes or children aged14 to 18 years are highly recommended to get vaccinated
*Gymnasia,health spas and fitness centre’s be allowed to open to vaccinated clientele
*All sports clubs ensure their staff are vaccinated.

Source – MbareTimes

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