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Residents want brothels demolished

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Residents want brothels demolished. The prostitutes have allegedly turned these high-density suburbs into an extensive red-light district.

Residents of Tafara, Mabvuku and Caledonia in Harare have expressed concern over an influx of s.e.x workers whom they are accusing of contributing to moral decay and fuelling criminal activities.

Women in Action (WA), a women’s group whose major task is to fight prostitution in Caledonia, says most of the s.e.x workers come from as far as Goromonzi and Ruwa in Mashonaland East. Cecilia Mutenga, chairlady of WA said: In our case, we are having s.e.x workers that are coming from such far-away places as Goromonzi and Ruwa among others.

By dusk, these scantly dressed ladies will be lining our streets, making suggestive gestures to whoever passes by. These ladies must be driven away since they are bringing with them vices and moral decadence.

Mutenga said her group, which falls under the Caledonia Residents Association Trust (CRAT), wants the buildings in which the sex workers use as their love nests to be destroyed.

Source – Pindula News

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