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Soul Jah Love’s beautiful tombstone

Tombstone Soul Jah Love

Soul Jah Love’s beautiful tombstone. The death of Soul Jah Love left many in shock. The artist might be long gone buy his music still lives on in the hearts of many forever. His grave has now been decorates nicely with a tombstone.

Soul Jah Love was an award-winning and popular Zimdancehall artist who rose to prominence in 2012 with hit tracks such as “Ndini Uya uya” and “Gum-kum”. He was often compared to the Jamaican Vybz Kartel He was known for making the “Chibabababa”, “Hauite Hauite”, “Conquering” and “Mafundan’a” signature chants which appear in all of his songs.

Soul Jah Love grave

He grew up in the capital city Harare, his mother passed away when he was a toddler, after which he went to live with his grandmother, who would later die when he was in Grade 5. His father passed away in 2005 at that time they were living in Waterfalls, later his step-mother had him evicted from the family house.

Soul Jah Love Tombstone

Souljahlove was a strategist. Longtime back it was a curse to hear someone in ghetto calling you “Chigunduru”, those from ghetto understand this word. Because the word was and is associated with someone who is homeless and who picks food from bins. At one time souljahlove was called “Chigunduru” by fellow musicians and other people in streets because of how he grew up in streets.

Souljahlove started to call himself “Chigunduru” in most of his songs and he would spice it up with other chants thereby neutralising the word from negativity to positivity “Chigunduru chaita Gauro”.

Tombstone Soul Jah Love

When an enemy in life realise you now enjoying those bad words they throw at you they will be disappointed and the words or statements will become powerless to your life. The very same strategy that Queen Tatelicious use, last time people were mocking here that she exposed “J*nde live on Facebook”. The next day she Endorsed the negativity till it become powerless to talk about it.

Source – MbareTimes

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Zimbo man brutally assaulted by cops in SA: Video. A Zimbabwean national was violently assaulted by South African police officers near Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria recently.

SA Police Hillbrow

A video of the incident has been shared by Yusuf Abramjee on the microblogging site Twitter…Learn More.

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