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Teenagers set to get COVID jabs



Seh Calaz Vaccinated

Teenagers set to get COVID jabs. The newest consignment of 1,5 million Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccines is now being delivered, with the first batch of 500 000 doses arriving yesterday, the second batch expected today and the final 500 000 expected tomorrow afternoon.

This consignment brings to more than 10 million the number of doses delivered to Zimbabwe. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health and Child Care said the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe gave a conditional authority for vaccination of children.

“The condition is that the Ministry of Health and Child Care shall conduct a Phase Three clinical trial first before rolling out the vaccination; and the ministry is in the process of implementing the MCAZ conditions and once that is complete, the rollout will begin.”

Zimbabwe is now extending the vaccination campaign to teenagers from 14 to 17 who were not previously catered for in the initial plan after scientists agreed it was safe to vaccinate this age group.

The vaccination of children follows satisfactory progress in the ongoing vaccination programme for the adult population which has won several international plaudits and endorsements from United Nations agencies including the World Health Organisation.

Deputy Minister of Health Dr John Mangwiro received the latest vaccines yesterday on behalf of the Government. He implored parents to take their children for vaccination when their chance arrives and insisted that the shots were a proven scientific record for protection against the Covid-19 virus.

“Good news for the nation, the vaccines are coming as promised,” said Dr Mangwiro. “Here we have a consignment of 500 000 vaccines. We already have a consignment of four million syringes that are now at Natpharm and tomorrow we are receiving another 500 000 vaccines and another 500 000 on Sunday to make 1,5 million.

“President Mnangagwa said we must all go and get vaccinated. The disease might have slowed down but other countries are already experiencing a fourth wave and as the waves go on they become more severe and more brutal.

“The only solution that is scientifically proven now is vaccination, let us all go out in our numbers and get vaccinated. The vaccines are there and they are for free,” said Dr Mangwiro.

He implored those with underlying conditions to accept the vaccines, and said those with sugar diabetes and high blood pressure will be stabilised by doctors before being vaccinated. Medical experts have found that those with underlying conditions can safely be vaccinated, and because falling ill with severe symptoms of Covid-19 could be particularly dangerous for this group, they should be vaccinated.

Source – The Herald

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