Tinashe Mugabe’s DNA Closure Show banned on Youtube

Tinashe Mugabe’s DNA Closure Show banned on Youtube. The Closure DNA Show’s Youtube channel boasts over a massive 52 500 subscribers.

Local DNA specialist Tinashe Mugabe’s controversial but wildly popular show, The Closure DNA Show, seems to have run into some issues on the video-sharing platform Youtube. The paternity based show was conspicuous by its absence on its Youtube channel this past weekend.

While Tinashe Mugabe’s show did not air on Youtube, it still aired on its Facebook page. This prompted some eagle-eyed observers to speculate that the show may have run into some issues with the video streaming platform. Some even claimed, without offering supporting evidence, that The Global DNA Show’s channel may have been closed down over ethical issues.

On Tuesday, Mugabe, the principal consultant at Global DNA Diagnostic Centre, decided to clarify the issue. He confirmed that the show had indeed run into some problems with Youtube. He, however, chose not to divulge the nature of the issue.

In a very terse update on social media, Tinashe Mugabe wrote, Last Saturday Show apologies we have issues to resolve on our YouTube Channel. Mugabe, who is affectionately known as the DNA Man, has been making waves after his show went viral on social media in the last couple of months. However, not all the attention has been positive.

The Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe recently issued a hard-hitting statement slamming Tinashe Mugabe together with ‘Sis’ Jane from Expedite DNA Zimbabwe, who appears on radio and television personality Tilder Moyo-Karizamimba’s Tilder Live Show.

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