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Tino Kadewere to miss Messi showdown



Tino kadewere

Tino Kadewere to miss Messi showdown. Tino Kadewere will not be available for selection when Lyon play PSG in a league encounter on Sunday. He told H-Metro Sport most players yearn to play with Messi.

Kadewere has described as ‘sad’ missing a showdown with superstar Lionel Messi on Sunday. “It’s a game everyone tries to do their best if given the opportunity. “PSG are a big club here and they have all the stars and it’s worse now that they have Lionel Messi.

“And Messi is one of the football icons and an inspiration to many, so everyone is happy and nervous at the same time to face him. “But I think in football even the team with the stars can also lose. “From my side it is very sad to be missing out on the matches like these.

“Ive been looking up to these games and working extra hard and was really hoping and praying for the best in these games but injuries happens so have to accept that. “If it wasn’t for the injury I would have loved to play this game,” he said.

Kadewere wished his teammates the best of luck. “I wish the guys the very best of luck. “And I will be rallying behind them and we are looking forward to collect maximum points.”

Kadewere got injured during the international break in the World Cup qualifiers game against South Africa. “I think only hard work, prayer, determination and my family is helping me keep going.

“I’m working towards my rehabilitation and looking forward to be back soon. “Injuries happen in football and I’m hopeful that I will also face PSG soon, God willing,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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