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Gospel diva: Mai Chisamba inspired me



Pastor Daisy Mukariri-horz

Gospel diva: Mai Chisamba inspired me. The 41-year-old mother of six salutes the phenomenal talk show hostess (Rebecca Chisamba) for her continued success, humility and industry despite all the fame and fortune she has acquired over the years. Ordained queen of praise and worship Pastor Daisy Mukariri draws her inspiration from revered talk show hostess Mai Chisamba.

In her own admission, Pastor Daisy – who performs other roles as a businesswoman, marriage counsellor and school administrator – has vowed to use Mai Chisamba as her role model to change other people’s lives.

Although the two women have met physically, the multi-tasking diva told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle that she was also learning from the best. “Mai Chisamba has been always been a hard-working woman who is determined to change people’s lives.

“Despite all the fame, she still maintains marital values expected of a married woman. “Businesswise, I have learnt to be committed to as is the case with Mai Chisamba who has been in the game for years doing what she knows best,” she said.

Pastor Daisy, who is due to launch her eightth album titled Ma Levels next week, has vowed to use her talent to change people’s lives. “I have a calling as a musician, pastor, mother and school administrator all in one.

“However, nothing beats God’s calling in all my efforts I will not stop using my talent to preach the word of God through music. “I will also be learning from others like Mai Chisamba whose influence and impact in society is strongly felt,” she said.

Pastor Daisy, whose album was wholly produced by Gibson Makumbe of VOT Studios, believes she struck the right chords. “Over the years I used to record with Anthony Gasani but I have decided to engage Mr Makumbe on this album just for a change.

“In music there is need to keep reinventing the wheel and I believe I’m also doing the same here by recording. “It was quite an amazing experience to record all the nine songs at Makumbe Studios where I have also learnt one or a thing.

“By engaging Makumbe, this does not mean I won’t be working with my previous producer but we wanted a change of hands as we continue to experience with the modern sound,” she said.

Like most of her peers in the creative sector, Pastor Daisy was not spared from the effects of Covid-19 pandemic, which has claimed many. “This global pandemic has also affected us but we thank God our Shepherd during such terrible times.

“We were only affected at work since I run a school in Chitungwiza under the name Bright Daisies. “It was hard to pay teachers at a time when kids were not attending classes. We just thank God that the situation is now under control as classes are now in full swing.

“I work with my husband as administrators of the two schools in Zengeza and Chikwanha are. “Currently, we are enrolling from ECD to Grade 7 and our vision along with my husband is to run the school up to Advanced Level and make sure that we save our communities as well.

“Growing up in a humble family in Chivhu and being where I am today, I just want to change someone’s life being it in various fields like education, ministry, counselling and in business,” she said.

The Gospel Servants leader, who has been recording constantly for over a decade now, believes in uniting families through her music. “Like I indicated earlier on, I will not throw in the towel until someone’s life has been changed.

“I mighty not turn millions to Christ but the few who will listen to my music and repent will make my soul happy in saving the lord. “In this journey, I have had good and worst shows where I hope I managed to turn some to Christ.

“It is my hope that this album we are launching this month will definitely change people’s lives,” she added. Besides MaLevels, Pastor Daisy boasts of other spiritually uplifting albums namely Mwari Anoona released in the year 2010, Chikoman Delete (2014), Vhangeri Nengoma (2016), Muviri Wangu (2017), Rereka Nzeve (2018) and Bhaibheri (2019) among a series of singles.

She is happily married to Brighton Mukariri. The down to earth couple is blessed with six children – five boys and a girl. Among their children, there is Kundiso (19), Komborero (14), Kudziso (12), Kudiwa (10) and a set of three-year old twins – Matipa and Munana.

Munana is the only girl among the siblings. A holder of several diplomas and degrees, Pastor Daisy believes in multitasking and working for the Lord.




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