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Leonard Dembo’s wife lied

Eunice Dembo

Leonard Dembo’s wife lied. Mai Morgen shares the Chihera totem which, in some circles, is associated with rowdy characters but she told villagers she belonged to the Moyo totem.

Leonard Dembo’s ‘no nonsense’ widow Eunice (nee Munatsi) said she deliberately ‘lied’ her totem when she was introduced to the community to be embraced by villagers.

She sent guests into roars of uncontrollable laughter in her address at the unveiling of Leonard Dembo’s tombstone as she confessed her ‘lie’ which made her settle. “When I came here, I told people that I was Mamoyo because the Chihera totem is usually associated with rowdy people.

“I was really embraced by villagers who only realised at a later stage that I was actually Chihera. “This lie really helped me to settle and get well along with others and the trick really worked in my favour,” she said.

She said life has never been the same without her husband Leonard who died and left her with a young family. “When Dembo died, my kids were very young and it meant I had to work hard and sent them to school.

“As a young widow, it meant that I had to focus on the right thing like sending them to school and I am glad that I managed to fulfil my prayer. “I did not think of re-marrying because it was never a priority in my life since I put my children first.

“I wish Dembo was here seeing his children who have grown up to this stage where they are now able to fend for themselves,” she said. Mai Dembo hailed family doctor and friend Dr Johannes Marisa who has been supporting the family.

“I don’t have a problem each time I get sick because I know I will always be treated by Dr Marisa. “I have never seen such a kind man in my life because he doesn’t complain that I always come back for treatment.

“I also want to thank his wife who has also been supportive to us. If I was Dr Marisa’s wife, I don’t think I could be that kind because people with that golden heart are hard to come by,” he she said. She also hailed fans of Leonard Dembo, friends and fans who graced the event.

“We had sent letters to many people including musicians but some of them did not show up here. “We are grateful to those who came and what makes me happy is that the programmes went according to plan. “We also want to thank Ngoda Granite who brought the tombstone here all the way from Harare. “This kind of support is overwhelming and we value it,” she added.

Source – H-Metro

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