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Poptain’s girlfriend, Anita Jaxson speaks on his mental status



Poptain’s girlfriend, Anita Jaxson speaks on his mental status. The chanter who has been flying off late has just shocked the world by revealing his past life. The Fadza Mutengi hitmaker last night posted on his Facebook account the trauma and s.e.xual abuse he got when he was only 5 years old.

He went on to reveal some very disturbing information about his past life and thought of sharing it with the world so that he can heal and help someone else who might be facing such a case.

His girlfriend Anita Jaxson has aired her views on the matter and has a given an update on the current status of the chanter. Check her post on Instagram…

Anita Jaxson Post Anita Jaxson Poptain Post

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Asylum seekers flood Zimbabwe

Asylum seekers flood Zimbabwe. This was said on Tuesday by Home Affairs secretary Aaron Nhepera, who told delegates at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) conference in Victoria Falls that the migrants and asylum seekers coming through Zimbabwe were running away from conflict and instability in their countries, and posing a challenge in the country.

Immigration officers

Zimbabwe is experiencing an influx of asylum seekers and separated children of migrants who will be in transit from the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region…Learn More.




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