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More Vaccination cards go missing



Vaccination Cards

More Vaccination cards go missing. About 27 vaccination cards are not being counted for and the local authority, through a notice, has raised alarm over the missing cards. Some vaccination cards at Mzari Poly Clinic, a council-owned health facility situated in the low density suburbs of Mzari have gone missing.

What boggles one’s mind is how did the cards go missing. “Notice is hereby given that the following 27 Covid-19 vaccination cards from Mzari Polyclinic in Chinhoyi are missing.

The serial numbers are from 02544941-02544967? Members of the public are advised that if you come across people using the Covid-19 vaccination cards were not vaccinated at Mzari Polyclinic,” read the notice.

A health worker from council who requested anonymity said the vaccination cards security was very porous that anyone can steal them. He said it was an internal job as people were selling the cards. “Vaccination cards have become a lucrative business, since the new normal came to be with us,” he said.

He added: “Vanhu varikutengeserwa macards aya without being tested. This is very dangerous as it puts the health of the public at risk,” he said. Another council employee said the missing cards issue was going to open a Pandora’s box.

“This is just a tip of an iceberg. A lot has been happening in the health department since the onset of the scourge. Macards arikutengeswa,” she said. A resident of Chinhoyi said it had become a norm of people buying vaccination cards without undergoing health checks.

“What pains most is the fact that these cards are at times sold for a song. Mari yako chete,” he said. Council spokesperson Tichaona Mlauzi told H-Metro that the missing vaccination Covid-19 card were discovered on September 27 when the sister in charge was carrying routine stock taking.

“We have also put in some internal mechanism to find out what really transpired. So this is the issue as it is at the moment,” said Mlauzi. He added: “These cards are kept in a drug room together with essential drugs as well as the vaccination cards.”

He said the vaccination cards were secure. “They were secure and properly locked up. “It’s normally the sister in charge who has the keys to that drug room, or someone she assigns,” he said.

Mlauzi said these cards could have gone missing on receiving or otherwise. “We have put in a notice in our local media as well as our WhatsApp platforms to alert our valued residents and stakeholders so that they can be in the know of what happened,” said Mlauzi.

Source – H-Metro

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