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Strange but true: Goblin demands a wife and 8 beasts


Strange but true: Goblin demands a wife and 8 beasts. An alleged goblin has been harassing a 15-year-old girl in Nyanga, demanding s_x from her and eight beasts from her family as appeasement.

According to The Weekender, for the past three months, the Nyamusa family in Chief Hata’s area was subjected to the wrath of the goblin which was manifesting through their daughter (name withheld). The Nyamusa family was over a week ago forced to engage the services of Nyanga-based exorcist, Sekuru Shingirai Mukotsanjera, to deliver the teenager from spiritual torment.

The girl is doing Form Four at a Harare school and the spiritual attacks have disturbed her studies as she is preparing to sit for her Ordinary Level examinations this year. Besides tormenting the teenager, the family also suffered incessant deaths and misfortunes.

The Nyamusa family told The Weekender that the girl would often fall into a trance, and exhibited a strange behaviour for hours before being possessed and tabling the goblin’s demands.

The goblin allegedly belongs to the Nyamusas’ relative and businessman, Joseph Nyamusa Kamutate who cast (kurasirira) the goblin’s spirit on the teenager through a Nyanga traditional healer, Edgegot Matiashe.

Matiashe recently admitted to having supplied the goblin, and wealth-enhancing charms to Kamutate after being cornered by the Nyamusas to exorcise and cleanse the family. The traditional leader demanded eight beasts for his services and the family forcibly took Kamutate’s cattle to settle the payments.

Matiashe sold some of the beasts, but Kamutate later filed stock theft charges against the sangoma resulting in his subsequent arrest. Matiashe was later released. According to Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, Matiashe admitted to having supplied Kamutate with the goblin sometime in 1996.

The situation deteriorated after Matiashe’s arrest as the goblin went on an offensive, and inflicted a lot of misfortunes to the family, like divorces, loss of employment, and weird dreams.

The teenager would occasionally fall into trances and would spend days without eating or drinking anything. Through the advice of Chief Hata, the Nyamusa family engaged Sekuru Mukotsanjera to exorcise the spirit.

The tense and emotionally-filled exorcism ceremony was attended by the Nyamusa family as well as Chief Hata. The exorcism session took more than two hours until the teenager regained her senses. Said Sekuru Mukotsanjera said:

The goblin is bitter and wants to be returned to its owner. The ceremony we conducted was meant to send back the goblin to at least one of Joseph’s sons or daughters so that it stops tormenting this family.

From now onwards, the family will be at peace because it was very unfair for the spirit, and its owner to torment innocent people including this child who knew nothing about everything.

Source – Pindula News

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