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U.S.A speaks on the legality of Zimbabwe sanctions

Anti-sanctions day

U.S.A speaks on the legality of Zimbabwe sanctions. This comes amid calls by the ruling ZANU PF and some quarters for the removal of sanctions that are said to be affecting the general populace.

Pindula News presents the department’s press briefing on the matter. The United States Department of State has reiterated that sanctions on Zimbabwe are targeted on just 83 individuals, not the entire country.

Department Press Briefing — October 15
OCTOBER 15, 2021

Let’s go to Pearl Matibe. And on the Zimbabwe question, the international relations world order sanctions are valued when actors are not complying with international laws. My question is: Relevant to the United Nations special rapporteur and professor from State University in Belarus and the advocate for removal of sanctions, she is expected to start investigating in country the removal of sanctions based on Human Rights Council Resolution 2701 – 21 – sorry, Resolution 2721.

That investigation starts on October 18. So since the United States has targeted sanctions on the – on the SDN list, do you have any comment on the legality of U.S targeted sanctions? Does the United States feel intimidated or do you feel compromised? Thanks, Ned. MR PRICE:

Thanks very much, Pearl. Let me take those questions in order. When it comes to Zimbabwe and sanctions our sanctions there target human rights abusers and those who undermine democratic processes or facilitate corruption. I want to be very clear that these sanctions do not target the Zimbabwean people.

Zimbabwe’s economic ills, we know, are caused by leaders, those leaders abusing power, not U.S. sanctions. Our sanctions target only 83 individuals and 37 entities. We review our sanctions list regularly to acknowledge developments in Zimbabwe.

U.S. sanctions do make it more difficult for targeted individuals and entities to access funds through the global financial infrastructure. Sanctions do not target Zimbabwe’s banking sector, but rather ensure that sanctioned individuals and entities cannot use the U.S. financial system to enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

To be very blunt, blaming U.S. sanctions for Zimbabwe’s problems detracts from the core issues of better governance that are required in Zimbabwe, and to that end, Zimbabwe must make reform consistent with its constitution, with its international obligations, and with its other commitments.

Source – Pindula News

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