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Where did Finance Ministry Perm Sec Guvamatanga get his money?




Where did Finance Ministry Perm Sec Guvamatanga get his money? This comes after the former Barclays Bank employee hosted a lavish birthday party. Some believe his wealth was corruptly acquired. We present a series of messages posted on Twitter by The News Hawks.

The News Hawks, a local publication, has claimed that the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, George Guvamatanga is not telling the truth about his wealth.

After hiring a private jet for a holiday in Victoria Falls last year, Finance Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga told the state-controlled daily The Herald that he worked for Barclays Bank for 30 years, 23 as a senior executive and 10 as CEO, a lie.

This reinforces the emerging truth that Guvamatanga plays fast and loose with facts by telling needless lies. In this statement, he is practically claiming that 23 + 10 = 30. The truth is he worked for the bank for 28 years, starting from bottom; didn’t start as a top executive.

Social media also challenged and exposed his lie that he worked for Barclays for 30 years by doing simple maths. Since he was celebrating 50 years after leaving in 2017, four years ago, this means this: 50-34=16. Which says he had joined the bank at 16, which is obviously false.

Companies, let alone banks, in Zimbabwe, don’t employ kids with 16 years because most of them would usually be still at high school. There is no way Barclays would have employed a 16-year old kid at high school when there were college or university graduates looking for jobs.

This invites the question: Why is Guvamatanga lying? What is he trying to hide? What’s the issue at stake here? He says he made millions at the bank, but records show that he didn’t. So where did he actually get the money from? That is the biggest question of this controversy.

Source – Pindula News

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