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Gaming in South Africa Is All-Time High

Gaming in South Africa

The gaming industry is on the rise worldwide, and when it comes to the African continent, South Africa is currently the second-largest market in the area. One of the main factors that contributed to the market’s continuous growth is the rise in popularity of mobile gaming, and its two main niches: eSports and iGaming.

Take a look at our overview of the gaming market in South Africa that covers its growth and some of the most popular categories and games.

Market Size

South Africa sits firmly as the second-largest market on the continent. When it comes to revenue, Egypt currently dominates, leading with the revenue 35% higher than the one of South Africa. However, there is a large gap of more than 40% between South Africa and Morocco that comes third. 

The rise of mobile gaming strongly affected the market size, it was actually made possible due to the government’s investment plans designed to improve the infrastructure and provide increased coverage of high-speed internet. Another reason behind the fast growth of mobile gaming is the availability of low-cost mobile devices with retail prices that have been lower than ever.

The Growth of Video Games

The video game market that reached the revenue of 3 billion rands in 2017, experienced especially strong growth and it is projected to continue growing in the following years. 

In 2019, a total of 20.3 million South African gamers spent $120 million on video games, and most of those were for mobiles. Due to the rise in disposable income of the country’s residents, the console market is also expected to grow in the next few years. South Africa was the only country on the continent having local servers for the majority of the world’s most popular games.

The Rise of Online Casinos

Another niche of gaming that is also making a huge leap forward is online gambling. Many players that enjoy visiting land-based casinos are now signing up and playing their favorite games online rather than taking the time to travel to the physical venue. The players are getting more and more interested in live dealer games where anyone with internet access can play a game of roulette, poker, or baccarat hosted by a real-life dealer. 

With online casinos, the users can indulge in many different casinos from all over the world that accept South African players. These online operators are tempting because they offer not only amazing games, but also great bonuses, and attractive promotions. If you are interested in claiming such rewards yourself, you can easily find the newest online free casino bonus codes for South African casinos today.

The eSports Niche

eSports have always been popular among PC gamers and the category keeps reporting steady growth, year after year. However, nowadays, we are seeing a rise in mobile eSports, especially MOBA games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Games like the Arena of Valor, Planet of Heroes, and Brave Legends keep getting more attention with time. 


Many MOBA games are available for free, and that is a smart way for their creators to keep the number of players growing. Their revenue streams lie in the digital items that the players buy such as new weapons, skins, treasure items, character mods, and other additions that make the games more exciting and addictive.

The Most Popular Games in South Africa

The number of South Africans indulging in online games keeps growing, and some games keep getting more attention than others: Let’s take a look at the three most popular online games in the country:


The game involves two five-player teams that compete on a playing field. Each player has the ability to control one of 111 characters that come with their own unique powers, and during the game, they collect different items and experience points. The winner is the team that succeeds in destroying the opponent’s ancient building.

League of Legends

The League of Legends allows each player to assume the role of a ‘summoner’ that controls a champion who goes to battle against other players, or computer-controlled characters. The characters keep growing throughout the game, as they collect items and accumulate experience. The final goal is destroying the enemy’s central structure that lies at the core of their base. 

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an extremely popular online role-playing game that was made by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. The game setting is placed in the Warcraft universe where the players interact with each other through the game characters. The players complete different quests in order to level up, and as they do so, new locations and routes keep arising.


Gaming is growing rapidly in South Africa and there are no signs of it slowing down. More and more players are choosing online games as their favorite pastime, and their habits are supported by the expansion of internet access, the affordable price of mobile devices, and the wide selection of games available on the market. 

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