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George Charamba: An Audit is on the cards for former ZCTU President Peter Mutasa

Peter Mutasa

George Charamba: An Audit is on the cards for former ZCTU President Peter Mutasa. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, GeorgeCharamba suggested that imprisonment was possible if Mutasa is convicted of abusing the union’s funds.

Charamba has hinted that an audit is on the cards for Peter Mutasa, a former president of the Congress of Trade Unions. Said Charamba on Twitter this week: Thorough audits will be done by the competent firm(s)! We want to know if all trade union monies were spent on trade union work, with none spirited to prop lifestyles or some political party.

Ndichambotamba newe kusvika zuva rasvika. Ndichakuvigira sadza kuyakuya kwaunogamuchira nepafafitera! [Let me play with you until the day has come. I will bring you sadza in prison.]

Don’t be silly; I promised an audit, which is a standard post-leadership change intervention. Of course, if you are found to have eaten mari yeZCTU, you get committed to where criminals belong!

Mutasa who lost the presidency to Florence Taruvinga at the union’s congress held last week in the capital, Harare, told NewZimbabwe.com that he was comfortable with any audit. He added that he was not moved because the ZCTU president does not hold any finances. Mutasa added:

As a leader, I am 100% sure that there was nothing amiss on our finances. They can go to hell. They can do whatever audit they want. I am actually worried by the interests of the state and the ruling party in the ZCTU. Their celebration of the fact that I am no longer president clearly shows the state was fighting me.

There were allegations of rigging with some saying the ruling ZANU PF bribed voters and influenced the outcome of the polls.

Source – NewZimbabwe

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