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Horror as girlfriend finds body parts in boyfriend’s fridge


Horror as girlfriend finds body parts in boyfriend’s fridge. And what the man’s new girlfriend had discovered was worse than they could ever have imagined. She bumped into a woman’s body parts stashed in the fridge! When residents heard the horrified screams of a woman in a nearby house, they came running.

The body parts were discovered by the suspect’s new lover in the backroom the man was renting in Soweto on Saturday, 13 November. When the 24-year-old lover realised his secret had been revealed, he tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists and drinking Jeyes Fluid, but a medical team arrived in time to save him.

He was stabilised and sent to hospital under police guard. Resident Mbalizethu Magubane said their community was left in shock. “You see such things on TV in the news but we never thought it would happen in a house next to us,” said Mbalizethu.

“What madman kills somebody and puts them in the fridge? “Who knows for how long she’s been there? What was he planning to do with her?” Nkosazane Sithole said this shows that women were not safe.

“The other woman could have been a victim too had she not screamed when she opened the fridge. He would have tried to silence her,” he said. “Killing has become so easy for some people that they don’t mind staying in a house with a dead body.

Lungelo Sokhela said we live in a sick society. “The person who did this is a monster. He is not worthy to be called a man. He deserves to be locked away for good.” He said he was the kind of man who gave all men a bad name.

“Then people end up saying all men are trash while it is only this kind of man who is bad,” he said. Gauteng police spokeswoman Brigadier Brenda Muridili said an off-duty police officer from Protea Glen responded to a crime scene at a house where human body parts were discovered.

“A man aged 24 was arrested for murder,” she said. “It is reported that the man is a tenant in the backroom in the yard and his partner discovered the body parts after he had left to go to the shops,” she said.

“The body parts will be sent to the forensic science laboratory for identification and the suspect will be appearing in court soon on a charge of murder.”

Source – Zimgazette

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