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Man dumps fiancee for not bleeding the first time they were intimate

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Man dumps fiancee for not bleeding the first time they were intimate. An anonymous 24-year-old woman has sparked debate on social media after revealing that her husband to be has lost interest in her after she did not bleed the first time the two were intimate.

The woman has revealed that her fiancee, who had been planning to marry her in December, is in the process of engaging her uncles following the incident. Taking to Tete Fadzie’s Twitter platform, the woman wrote:

Hi Aunt, i am 24 yrs of age dating a guy who is 28, we have been dating for a year now, i recently had s_ex for the first time with my partner , his parents and siblings know me, he is planning to bring cows home in December, now the problem is that, he was my first but i did not bleed, the penetration was tight and sore, tapedza akaratidza kusafara akanditi nemhaka yei usina kubuda ropa and i was also worried because it was my first time having s_ex,

right now arikuti achawudza vana sekuru vake kuti akandiwana ndisiri mhandara, and i even doubt if he is ever coming to pay lobola because of that, our communication has changed, i am stressed if i should continue with the lobola preparations , nekusonesa dress rangu, i just wanted to vent , it has been eating me up for days.

Below are some of the responses from Twitter.

@the_nicky__ wrote
” A man should never settle and marry because a girl is a virgin. That’s a mere bonus that he gets , wakada virginity yangu kana yabva unenge wasara nei chekuda?. Love & marriage goes beyond virginity , physical looks and even material assets.”
@Qhubuthando wrote

“I dnt think he’s still worth Dnt go ahead wt the proceedings stop them completely nd tell him nt to bother his uncles cz you’re leaving. I jst want to know, now tt you’re no longer a virgin do YOU still value urself, because there’s more to u than virginity no need to feel less. “
@LungeloTracy wrote
” The question is was he marrying the woman you are or your virginity. Because if he was with you for your virginity you have a big problem, he wants to see that blood .otherwise he feels deceived. You better do a lot of research on why there was no blood and present it to him.”
@The_Obvied wrote
” He is just making excuses because He got the Cookie …. Sex for men is like a bank account, once he withdraws he lose interest.. you are still young take a chill pill, zvikaramba just know haasi last born yeZimbabwe you wll find another one.”

Source – Zimgazette

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