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Mental health patient’s decapitated body found 15 years later


Mental health patient’s decapitated body found 15 years later. The deceased, Elizabeth Chidamuwa, went missing in 2007. Her remains were allegedly discovered after a possessed 12-year-old boy led family members and villagers to the scene where she was murdered and buried.

In an incident that has left villagers in Mutoko shell-shocked, the remains of a mentally-challenged woman, who went missing for almost 15 years, were recently recovered from a shallow grave along a riverbank with the skull missing.

Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachii yesterday confirmed the incident. It is alleged that Chidamuwa, then aged 36, went missing on February 9, 2007 in Nemurinda village, under Chief Chimoyo, where she was living with her husband, Simbai Janjanja.

The family members searched for her in vain. The deceased’s brother, Sauro, then filed a missing person report with the police. It is reported that on September 19 this year, the 12-year-old boy, who is Janjanja’s son, fell into a trance and revealed that Chidamuwa was killed by her husband and a villager identified as Machivi.

The possessed boy also disclosed that the deceased’s head was given to a local businessman after the murder. They then buried her remains on the riverbank in the same village.

The family recovered the remains and reburied them in Nemurinda village without informing the police. Janjanja died in 2019, while Machivi reportedly left the area. The matter came to light after police were tipped off by villagers.

Source – Zimgazette

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