Project to sell fuel in Zim Dollars starts

Project to sell fuel in Zim Dollars starts. The initiative comes just a few days after the government approved a US$15 million facility to pay for fuel imports that will be sold in local currency by service stations.

The pilot project to sell fuel in the local currency has started with a local supplier opening the facility to motorists this Sunday. Motorists who spoke to ZBC News expressed excitement over the latest development and wished for the initiative to be permanent. ZBC News quotes a motorist as saying:

We thank the government for this development because it has been hard getting the forex and then having to buy the fuel. So, this is really a good development. Another commented: Most of us are getting salaries in RTGS and this makes it easier for us to get fuel. I am very happy over this development and I hope this will be the case going forward.

Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) chief executive officer Mr Eddington Mazambani revealed during a ZBC Current Affairs programme, Face the Nation, last Tuesday that the supply of fuel in local currency will not disrupt the commodity’s supply chain.

According to the ZERA, 57 fuel station owners and distributors have so far responded with the first tranche of 15 distributors and fuel station owners now working with them and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on modalities to ensure that the facility is a success.

Source – ZBC News

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