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Prophet Bushiri’s brother-in-law dumps church

Tannah Israel

Prophet Bushiri’s brother-in-law dumps church. Tannah Israel was married to Bushiri’s sister and reports reaching this reporter indicate that the pair is undergoing a divorce process for reasons that have not been disclosed. On Sunday, Israel took to Facebook to announce his departure from the church.

Prominent Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) leader Apostle Tannah Israel (real name Tanatswa Makore) has formally announced that he has left the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri led ministry.

Rad his statements below:


I’ve never been at peace like how I am right now, this year was my toughest year soo far since my journey started which at the same time was my best year because it was bitter sweet. It came with soo many blessings,much more than I prayed for or expected… it came with soo many lessons, soo much wisdom, soo much boldness, soo much humbleness, soo much Love and above all soo much growth. Many might not have witnessed but deep inside I felt God took me to another pedestal and even the word revelation I was getting in that realm was deeper than before, my approach to ministry shifted, my approach to life in general shifted and truly speaking my whole paradigm was purged and made anew…

Soo much happened of which I will share with you all in due time, soo many attacks came my way and God held my mouth not to speak back in any way, shape or form because he said “I am doing something”. Some of them almost took my life literally, soo many people that said they will be there were never there when I needed them the most, I had to make tough decisions, I was left on my knees with no help or anyone to lean on but above all this GOD STOOD WITH ME, gave me strength, opened new doors, I saw God like never before this year and I witnessed his true Love, he unveiled the New me whilst the old me was being buried 6 feet.

Whilst all this was happening God kept whispering to me that don’t stop witnessing about me. I kept preaching, I kept leaning on God, I lost a lot of things & really things were not okay but I kept trusting God, threats came my way spiritually & physically but I told myself that whatever that comes will find me in the secret place on my knees with my heart laid on the Altar. I kept praying, I kept seeking him and truth be told there were times I felt weak but I found strength in him and just kept going till this day…before I could even blink and before the year could finish GOD DID IT AGAIN…

It was the beginning of this month of November when the Spirit of God whispered to me that 2021 was a year of alignment (not just for you but for my people) which is why to those who have been following me even from the beginning of this year (2021) i said “God said he is pouring Grace but this Grace will only be available to those who will be aligned to what he is setting up for a generation not only for this year but even years to come, this year will be very hard and it will take Grace to finish it”

To those who stood with me even without knowing what was happening and regardless of the propaganda, character assassination attempts, to those who kept showing me Love, believing in me, supporting my ministry, praying, following all instructions as commanded by God, I am truly humbled & grateful, your input will never go unnoticed. If your prayers do not get answered, just like King Hezekiah your commitment to God and the kingdom at large will be the key that will open that door for you…

P.S. I have an upcoming project and I will include in that project how God called me home this year for 31 hours and even people I was staying with in my house never knew I was gone because they thought I was just in my room locked in prayer…

All this above should be a testimony to strengthen somebody that if you TRULY stay with GOD, he will never forsake you…

Apostle Tannah Israel .

Soon after this post Apostle Tannah posted his official announcement regarding his departure from ECG. Read it below:


Source – Bulawayo24

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