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Godfrey Tsenengamu: Zanu PF used us for t-shirts and caps


Tsenengamu: Zanu PF used us for t-shirts and caps. Tsenengamu was speaking during a press conference in Harare Friday, where he launched the party’s manifesto which focuses more on youth empowerment.

Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) national coordinator Godfrey Tsenengamu has said Zanu PF leaders used them for t-shirts, caps, bandanas, and a promise to lead which never came.

“Some of us did not get this full opportunity to lead without interference. We were used and abused by our elders in our political parties to further and protect their interests and agendas and we were promised that we will lead tomorrow, so I want to tell you that your time as young people is now,” Tsenengamu said.

“We were given promises which were never fulfilled, all we got were t-shirts, bandanas, caps, and a promise to a future that never came, so I am challenging you today that you must be firm,” Tsenengamu said.

He added: “You are going to see Zanu PF cars flooding your ghettos and your rural areas when they could not even afford to give you a single mask but they will make sure that they bring 5 million t-shirts, caps, zambias, scarves and bandanas so that each and everyone of you gets a t-shirts and so you can go and vote for them, this is how sad our situation is.”

“Why should we be told that we must continue waiting for tomorrow, which tomorrow are they referring to because when some of us were in school we were told that you are leaders of tomorrow, now I am almost 40 and the same guys who told us that we are tomorrow’s leaders are still telling me that you will lead tomorrow.”

Tsenengamu was fired from Zanu PF last year after he took part in accusing senior party officials like Obert Mpofu of running corruption cartels.

Source – NewZimbabwe

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