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Woman jailed 26 months for false statement


Woman jailed 26 months for false statement. Belinda Gwasira, a mother of one is serving a 26-month jail sentence at Marondera Female Open Prison for the offence.  Gwasira told H-Metro that her friend only identified as Natasha fooled her and escaped to a neighbouring country.

A 31-year-old woman regrets giving a false statement to defend her friend from being arrested for fraud. “I was betrayed by my friend and I regret giving false statements in an effort to defend her,” said Gwasira. “She made an illicit deal promising to supply goods she didn’t have. “The case was reported to police and she was arrested.

“She sent a message on my phone instructing me that if anyone phones I had to answer and give information she had given me. “Natasha implicated me and the investigating officer phoned me and I answered as instructed.

“I was arrested and Natasha was released and she fled the country leaving me in a quagmire. “Ndadzidza kuti munhu haufanire kutaura nezvekwausina kuswera.

“Yambiro yangu kune vane shamwari ndeyekuti vasapupurire nhema nekuti iyezvino mwana wangu arikutambura ini ndichikurira mujeri,” said Gwasira.

Gwasira and another inmate Sibongile Manyati got a home leave last month when they got opportunity to have time with their families and returned to continue serving their sentences.

A number of female inmates have been benefitting from the first female open prison in the region.

Some of the benefits include putting on their own casual clothes while serving sentence, access to meet a maximum of 10 visitors and permission to leave the prison for shopping and attending education facilities outside the prison.

Source – H-Metro

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