Home Crime and Courts Woman leaves 2 minors in a car boot and suffocates to death

Woman leaves 2 minors in a car boot and suffocates to death

Woman boot car

Woman leaves 2 minors in a car boot and suffocates to death. A sombre atmosphere engulfed the Shiri homestead in Tshovani this Wednesday as a father to three-year-old Celine Mr Vitalis Shiri and relatives were still trying to come to terms with the tragic death of their daughter.

Residents of Chiredzi are still in shock after two minors from a local pre-school allegedly suffocated to death in a vehicle trunk this Tuesday. The minors, Celine Shiri (3) and Lynet Musungatu (4) met their fate after the owner of Javas pre-school, Zhuwakina Javangwe, left them in a car trunk this Tuesday morning before they suffocated to death.

“I’m in pain over the death of my daughter. I was told around 2 pm that my daughter has been involved in an accident then I went to the hospital and the police. The police told me that an accident happened and they said my daughter suffocated to death but I asked them that what time did this accident happen because my daughter is normally picked at 8 am and knocks off at 3 pm and that the children were sitting at the passenger seat so if they are telling me that they died at the trunk of the car.

Then what exactly happened. I can’t get answers. Up to now, I don’t know how my daughter died maybe the post mortem will be able to reveal the truth,” said Vitalis Shiri, Father to one of the deceased children. Chiredzi residents called upon teachers and parents to collectively pay attention to minors to avoid such tragic incidents.

“This is such a painful incident as a parent as well I feel the pain of those parents’ children. I’m here selling stuff trying to make ends meet for my children. Then you hear that your child is no more just like that. It’s painful. We can’t even talk about it.”

This comes barely a week after a similar incident occurred in Chitungwiza with two minors allegedly suffocating to death inside a vehicle trunk raising questions on what exactly is happening in society.

Source – Bulawayo24

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