Activities you can do in Kariba

zimbabwetourism. Activities you can do in Kariba. Halfway between the source of the Zambezi River and its mouth, lies the world’s largest man-made reservoir, a safari and fishing haven – Lake KaribaI is known for gorgeous sunsets and exciting fishing, as well as beautiful scenery, and impressive game viewing, particularly in the Matusadona National Park.

The vastness of the lake allows for multi-day excursions from one end of the lake to the other in one of the many Kariba houseboats or on the Kariba Ferry. Lake Kariba is a holiday paradise that is often wrongly overlooked.

From world-class safaris to some of the best fishing in Africa, Kariba has so much to offer, read on to find out more! The 3 main draw cards to Kariba are Game viewing, Birdwatching and Fishing. In each of these areas it excels beyond normal expectations.

These Kariba activities can be done whether you are staying in a fancy safari lodge, on a houseboat or in Kariba town. A variety of accommodation options including camping and lodges to luxury safari camps as well as the houseboats, cater for different budget groups.


  • Matusadona National Park
  • Chete Safari Area
  • Islands of Kariba
  • Lake Kariba


  • Game Viewing
  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • Cultural Village Tours
  • Scenic Boat Cruises
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