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Another police officer murdered at Makoni Shopping Centre

Another police officer murdered at Makoni Shopping Centre. A Bulawayo-based police officer was found dead in the early hours of Sunday with a deep cut on the back of the head and bruises in the mouth, raising suspicions that he was murdered.

The body of the law enforcement agent was found near Eyethu Sports Bar at Makoni Shopping Centre in Pumula South around 1.30 AM in an area where bar owners were allegedly routinely flouting COVID-19 lockdown measures by operating late into the night.

Residents who spoke to The Sunday News said gangs were patrolling the area and drinking beer at local bars late into the night. They said the body was discovered by two officers who were on night patrol after a resident reported the matter to the police.

Speaking to The Sunday News, a police officer preferred anonymity their colleague was on the morning shift at Emthunzini base and had knocked off duty at 1 PM on Friday. He said:

The police officers proceeded to check on the state of the body. When they checked for a pulse on the neck and wrist, no pulse could be felt.

Upon discovering that the body was lifeless one of the officers went to the station to inform their superior. He added that they managed to positively identify the body as that of their colleague.

The body had a deep cut at the back of the head on the right side and bruises on the mouth, said the officer. Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) had not yet commented on the matter.

Source – Sunday News

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