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Chadcombe shoot-out leaves children traumatised

Chadcombe shoot-out leaves children traumatised. When H-Metro visited the scene, the Grade Seven pupil was still at school writing his exam.

One of the children who were subjected to the violent scene as three robbers were shot dead had to attend a Grade Seven ZIMSEC exam yesterday morning.

His mother, Fadzanai Musarurwa, 36, feared he was too traumatized to concentrate. …‘I thought I would die’ …‘It was like what we see on TV’…‘It felt like a dream’“What happened last night is not something normal,” she said.

“I am afraid that my children will be traumatised for good especially the one in Grade Seven. “We were all tied up, the robbers instructed my son (the Grade 7 pupil) to go get a gun from one of their colleagues who was lying down in blood.

“You can imagine how that made him feel, he is just a child and being subjected to such traumatic experience is really hard for him and also us as his family.

“I am afraid that he is traumatised to the extent that he won’t be able to concentrate in his final exam,” she said. Musarurwa said if he was not writing the exam he would not have gone to school.

“If he was not writing an exam today, we were not going to let him go to school,” Musarurwa said.

“As for me, I am just calm. I cannot believe what happened to this end. During the whole ordeal I was just calm, I had to be calm for my children. Musarurwa said one of her children was acting normal.

“My seven-year-old daughter is actually quite normal, I think it is because she doesn’t really know what is going on.

“She is taking everyone into the house and showing them around what happened. “As a mother, I am worried about their mental wellbeing, I think we should all go for therapy because the trauma is too much for us,” she said.

The eldest son, Courage Nemaisa, 18, said the whole experience was traumatic for him and his siblings. “At that time I was ready to die,” he said.

“During the whole ordeal I was just thinking that this is the day that I am going to die. “When I went to the room to call my father, I told myself that I am just going to take the risk, whatever happens I don’t know, I am just going to make the call.

“I am just afraid that my little siblings who were subjected to this will be scared for life, mentally.

“Just imagine the stuff that we usually watch on television happening in real life. “For a moment I thought I was dreaming and that I would just wake up and realise that it was all a dream,” said Courage.

Source – H-Metro

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