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Guard shoots dead gold thief

Guard shoots dead gold thief. Police, on their twitter page, said Thokozani Ncube, who works at Lyn Mine in Filabusi shot Martin Sibanda on the knee and he fell into six-metre-deep shaft and died.

A security guard at a mine in Filabusi has been arrested for killing a man for stealing gold ore. “The police confirm the arrest of Thokozani Ncube in connection with the murder of Martin Sibanda (22) at Lyn Mine in Filabusi on 1 December at around 12 midnight.

The suspect who is a security guard at the mine premises confronted the victim together with Lameson Bhanditi whilst coming out of a mining shaft.

“He shot the victim once on the right knee and he fell into the mine shaft which was about six metres deep and died.

Police recovered 50kgs of gold ore near the mine shaft, a pair of catapults in the victim’s pair of shorts, a machete belonging to the victim and a shotgun rifle belonging to the mine owner,” said the police.

Source – The Chronicle

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