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Nutty O: The Wagon is moving

Nutty O: The Wagon is moving. As most Zimdancehall giants sleep, the artiste who has taken advantage seems to be Nutty O like a Mustard Seed (the name of his latest album) the young man has grown into the beast of Zimdancehall music – at least for 2021. Mission is to escalate levels’

H-Metro Deputy Editor Charles Mushinga had a one-on-one with the Handipere Power hitmaker and he spoke about this remarkable year and more. Read on . . .

CHARLES MUSHINGA: It’s been quite the journey for you. Would you say 2021 is the year you finally arrived?

NUTTY O: It has been quite a remarkable journey indeed. 2021 is still the inception, the wagon is moving I will tell it on the mountain when I have arrived.

CM: Given that almost all the Zimdancehall artistes before you made their names with Shona songs, what gave you the confidence to try Patois?

NO: In addition to patois I use a lot of language pidgin, Shona, English, Ndebele, so I guess the diverse situation is powerful, I love it. We can’t all do the same thing, adding to the Shona lyrics for me brings some level of broadness so that all our acts don’t sound similar. The confidence comes from the fact that people love the language flexibility too. Would love to add more to the language set.

CM: How easy was it for people to accept you?

NO: It has never been easy for people to accept me which is normal. People get to be taught to love through tireless marketing and brand awareness efforts.

CM: Breakthrough tracks?

NO: Year in and year out I have given people an anthem to ride on. Bom Shelele, Bugatti, Zuva, Chekeche, Let’s Talk About It, Vroom, Safe, Kokai and now the Mustard Seed.

CM: How did you decide to finally do an album?

NO: It was time. We had over 60 songs unreleased and over the past years, I had promised my people that I was gonna give them an album.

CM: Why the title Mustard Seed?

NO: Two reasons, small in stature yet yielding dynamite kinda results, the seed of many uses that grows into a big tree, just like myself. And symbolism of my life and career, from humble beginnings, raised on the streets of Mbare to a Musical giant nationally and globally. CM: Your favourite tracks on the album and why?

NO: Success ft Stonebwoy, Ndiwe ft Demarco, Reverse and Handipere Power. These songs really reveal the nowaday Nutty O and they have a deeper meaning attached to them. With Handipere Power being that constant push amid obstacles, constraints and even kuneta at times, I gotta keep it moving as Jah Jah God keeps paving the way. CM: Any surprises from the way people accepted the album or the songs that became hits?

NO: In one way, no surprises actually. We knew what was going to happen according to plan. The response has been pleasantly overwhelming though and I am grateful for the love and support all around. The streams, downloads, views and messages speak volumes.

CM: The collabos: how hard was it to get them done and what were the lessons?

NO: Life ain’t easy but still I got to get these collabos easy. I worked for it with support from my brother Boss D. It helped that connection was established to the international artists along the years and Ex Q is more of family both professionally and socially.

I have also learnt to not have a lazy and complacent approach to things so as not to always be taken for granted by people who support other outside acts.

CM: The Covid-19 lockdowns: what have been the pros and cons for you?

NO: The cons birthed many of the pros… It has been hard and trying times with a huge shift in how to do the music business, coupled with the struggle of being surrounded by so much loss, heartbreaks, sickness and hurt around the world. It gave an opportunity to look at income generation very differently and coming up with products that could suit the new dynamics that came with the new normal. And, thus the hit song SAFE was birthed as a way of letting people know they are not together and giving them words and melody to connect to their loved ones afar and departed.

CM: Family? How many are you and is it a musical family?

NO: We are five. Yes some team round my fam love music and my young brother Chris 99 is a super talented professional musician serving more in Afro-Soul, Afro-Pop, RnB.

CM: Love life? Marriage? Kids?

NO: I have always preferred to keep this part of my life sanctified in its own befitting privacy, seeing as I share myself musically with the universe.

CM: What’s next? In your life, career and ambitions?

NO: Mission is to escalate levels, use the influence to enrich others. Buy my mama and papa their dream house and live wealthy and healthy. More work, wanna feature Drake and DJ Khaled. From the Management desk, to grace the local, regional and global stages, conversations and spaces of impact serving excellence and good music. Diana Elisha Nheera is leading this process as my Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager.

CM: Outro?

NO: Ability Xtention: Never ending pursuit of growth.

Source – H-Metro

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