Socialite Mandla B0NKS a UK chic on an Insta Live with Mai koko

Socialite Mandla B0NKS a UK chic on an Insta Live with Mai koko. The popular UK-based socialite Mandla had another late crazy night as his Instagram live session turned into a adult show.

The socialite is well known for his crazy and n@ughty antics and it was with no surprise when he pulled this stunt. So last night he himself decided to engage in the adult game after having had a popular couple B0NK on his show.

As if that wasn’t enough already, he himself last night on his same Insta live videos had a steamy session with a white girl on Instagram and over 610 people were watching, including popular socialite Mai Koko and her current boyfriend. Check the video below


Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Report: More HIV infections in women

Report: More HIV infections in women. There are more HIV infections in women than men each year in Harare according to commissioned studies, Harare Acting Major, Councillor Musarurwa Mutizwa has said.HIV Pokello Test

Mayor Mutizwa made these remarks during the recent signing of the Paris Declaration to end the HIV pandemic by 2030 where the City of Harare joined 350 other cities globally in signing the declaration on Fast-Track Cities…Learn More.

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