52-year-old woman caught p@nts down with nephew

52-year-old woman caught p@nts down with nephew. Details from the investigation revealed that the woman, who works for a named bank, told her husband that the male visitor was her nephew when in actual fact he was her boyfriend.

A 52-year-old woman of Chalala invited a 29-year-old boyfriend to live in her matrimonial home as a way of revenging on her husband’s infidelity, VDK, a private investigative firm, has revealed.

The 56-year-old husband became suspicious when he noticed that the number of condoms he kept in the bedroom had reduced in his absence.

He later decided to engage the services of the investigative firm.
VDK information officer Thokozani Jumbe said upon investigations, the woman was caught in the act with the same visitor at a lodge in Lilayi.

“Apparently the man had gone out of town for work, but when he returned he suspected that the two were more than relatives, especially after noticing that condoms had depleted,” Mr Jumbe said.

Source – Zimgazette

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