Chaos as men find 3 C0ND0MS in a scud

Chaos as men find 3 C0ND0MS in a scud. The six, Garikayi Musakambeva, Sheppard Mahwande, Robson Nyamande, Josphat Nyamapfeni, Lazarus Venganayi and Alec Kamwaya were sharing the scud when they made the shocking discovery.

Six (6) imbibers in Karoi were left stunned after they found three C0ND0MS at the bottom of a beer container popularly known as a “scud”. The incident occurred at the Zingwe bottle store near Chikangwe bus terminus last Wednesday.

The men have since reported the matter at the Delta depot in Karoi and investigations are underway. Musakambeva told NewsDay: I was taking my last sip when I came across an open C0ND0MS inside. We found out that there were actually two more C0ND0MS in the scud.

We went to report the matter to the police, who referred us to the hospital. Their medical report dated 19 January 2022 indicates that the men were referred to Delta via the police.

Mahwande said one of the C0ND0MS had been opened, while the other two were sealed. In a written response to NewsDay, Delta general manager for corporate affairs Patricia Murambinda confirmed that she received the report last Friday. She said:

The said product sample was only left yesterday (Thursday) at our Karoi Delta distribution centre for further analysis in Harare by our quality control department. We haven’t had such cases. For now, I can’t comment on anything until the full process of investigation has been done to ascertain the contents of the pack.

Source – NewsDay

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