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Drama as Warriors security chief barred from wife’s funeral

Drama as Warriors security chief barred from wife’s funeral. Lenon Zaranyika, who was part of Warriors’ security team in Cameroon, had to beat a hasty retreat home to attend the funeral of his wife Pinky (Precious Mary Musoni). She was buried at Glen Forest Memorial Park yesterday where Zaranyika was deemed persona non-grata.

In a switch of roles, the man responsible for protecting the country’s national football team, the Warriors, had to hire fellow bouncers to attend his wife’s funeral. He ended up bulldozing his way in the company of fellow bouncers to witness the burial.

Zaranyika claimed he was barred from the funeral and mourners had to gather in two camps — Chitungwiza and Hatfield — only to meet at the cemetery.


“I took a flight from Cameroon, after receiving a message that my wife had passed on,” said Zaranyika. “Upon arriving in the country, I was informed that mourners were supposed to gather at her family home. “My father-in-law felt sorry for me, but Anastasia Ndlovu gave orders to bar me from attending the funeral.


“Today (yesterday) I decided to defy her orders by attending the burial, considering that I had no issues with my wife.” When the H-Metro crew arrived at the cemetery, an order was given to stop the recording of proceedings. Zaranyika, who was surrounded by bouncers, was sobbing from a distance.

He then moved closer to the grave and consoled his father-in-law. Pinky, born in 1984, died last week at St Anne’s Hospital.

Source – H-Metro

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