Man has scary nightmares, dreams P0K!NG old women

Man has scary nightmares, dreams P0K!NG old women. But he was waking up exhausted in the morning after the older women had worked him over.

At first, the teenager thought he was having nothing but nightmares. AND IF HE NEEDED MORE PROOF, HIS ACHING BALLS AND 4-5 LEFT HIM WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS!

The 16-year-old boy from Phumula in Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun he can’t wake up when these women have s.e.x with him while he is sleeping.

“I don’t know any of these women. They are so old some of them even have grey hair,” he said. “It’s a different woman every time. They come almost every night. They look furious and angry and I’m scared of them. Once they are done, they smile and go, leaving me terrified.”

He said he tried to abandon his bed thinking his bedroom might be cursed but it didn’t work.

“They follow me everywhere. Even when I’m sleeping in my mum’s bed,” he said. He said he used to lead an active life and enjoyed playing soccer but now he wakes up tired and easily loses focus.

“I find it difficult to concentrate in the classroom,” he said. “It took me almost two months to open up to my mum. My friends made fun of me, saying it was puberty.”

His worried mum said her son has changed since last year when he started having s.e.x in his sleep. “When he told me I believed him because I had noticed some disturbing behaviour. He is a shy kid when it comes to girls.”

She said he skipped breakfast, took longer to go to bed at night and spent most of his time indoors rather than playing soccer. “I prayed about it and it stopped for a little while,” said the worried mum.

“I have taken him to a prophet because evil forces exist, but nothing has changed so far. “I’m a single parent and it breaks my heart that he is scared to fall asleep.”

Gobela Grace Ndlovu said evil creatures were brought upon him by jealous people. She said: “Evil creatures appear in different forms. “They can also appear as people you like or people you’re related to.”

Ndlovu said the boy needed a cleansing ceremony that must include slaughtering a chicken and certain muthi which will be left behind in the bushes near the river.

Source – Zimgazette

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